Wedding Favors | Custom Wedding Favor Candles

Your wedding day + custom favors = the perfect match

Give your wedding guests a favor they'll cherish long after the last dance. Our 3.5oz travel candles make elegant, sophisticated, and chic wedding favor that your guests will love. Each travel candle wedding favor will burn for 20-25 hours.

Pricing and MOQ for Custom Wedding Favors

Our travel candle favors are sold in cases of 12. The minimum order quantity for a custom label order is 96 units. Custom favors are $8.00/unit, which includes the candle, professionally-printed custom label, and shipping within the contiguous US. Custom orders must be paid in full when your order is placed. 

We require 3 months' lead time for custom wedding orders. Orders can be rushed for a $250 fee. We politely decline orders within 4 weeks of an event date.

We offer: 

  • Wide Fragrance Library: Select from our range of premium fragrances that encapsulates your love story.

  • Personalized Labels: Our team works with you to create custom labels that reflect your wedding theme, from classic elegance to modern romance.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Made with natural apricot coconut creme wax and eco-friendly wooden wicks, our candles offer a cleaner burn, ensuring a sustainable and guilt-free luxury.

  • Unique Wooden Wick Design: The soft crackling sound of our wooden wicks adds a cozy ambiance to any room, evoking the warm, inviting atmosphere of your wedding day.

  • Handcrafted Quality: Each candle is poured with love and precision, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

  • Memorable Keepsake: Beyond a mere thank-you gift, these candles are a tangible memory of your wedding day, a sensory reminder of the joy and love shared.

  • Elevate Your Decor: Our candles not only serve as exquisite favors but also as elegant additions to your wedding decor, enhancing tables, and lighting up romantic corners.

  • A Scent to Remember: The custom scent you choose will forever take you and your guests back to the precious moments of your wedding day.

  • Environmentally Conscious: Show your love not just for each other but also for the planet with favors that are as eco-friendly as they are beautiful.

How to Order

  1. Consultation: Reach out to us with your wedding date, theme, and ideas. Our team will guide you through our scent library and customization options.

  2. Design & Approval: After selecting your scent and design preferences, we'll create a sample label and send you a scent tester. Once approved, we'll move forward with your wedding favor order.

  3. Creation & Delivery: Allow us to craft your candles with the utmost care, ensuring each favor is ready to enchant your guests. We recommend placing your order at least 3 months before your wedding to guarantee timely delivery.

Let's Illuminate Your Love Story

Our Bespoke Wooden Wick Wedding Favors are not just gifts; they are an experience, a fragrance-laden journey back to the day you pledged your hearts to each other. Light up your wedding with candle favors that are as unique and enduring as your love.

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