Read these before messaging us. There is a 99% chance your question can be answered below.

Shipping Questions

Please thoroughly read our Shipping and Returns policy, which describes - in detail - everything you need to know about shipping, lead times, transit times, delay information, the route your package is taking, when a package is considered lost or missing, how to file a claim, when to contact us, how to make a return, etc.


We receive hundreds of donation requests for every month and we are not providing monetary, in-kind donations, or product for giveaways at this time. Learn more about our charitable giving.


For wholesale candles, shop directly on Faire

Customizations & Private Label

We offer custom labels and white label candles with an MOQ of 96 units. Custom fragrances have an MOQ of 1,000 units. Visit our bulk ordering page for more info.

Order Issues & Candle Care - Tunneling/Wick Won't Stay Lit

If you have an issue with your order, please reply to your order confirmation email or include your order number so we can more easily assist you. If you are having an issue with a candle, please include a photo. If your wick won't stay lit, please watch this video on how to get your wooden wick to stay lit or this video on how to properly light a candle (hint: it's a super easy fix). If your candle is tunneling, please watch this video on how to fix a tunneling candle.

Shop Promise

If your order is delayed and you purchased with Shop Promise, you must submit a request for reimbursement through their app

Discounts & Price Adjustments

Discount/coupon codes cannot be applied after checkout. We do not offer price adjustments if you did not apply a coupon code at checkout or if an item goes on sale after purchase. Discounts are valid on new purchases only.

Location & Hours

Our studio location is 3703 Main Street Kansas City, MO 64111. Our shop hours change with the seasons are located in the footer of the website.

Local Pickup

To place a local pickup order, simply select "local pickup" at checkout. We occasionally have to turn off local pickup when we are out of room for orders or when we will be closed for a company-wide holiday or break.

Local pickup orders can be picked up whenever our studio is open to the public. Our open hours change with the seasons and can be found in the footer of our website.

Express checkouts cannot place local pickup orders - your payment method is tied to a shipping address and per your payment carrier's TOS, it must go to that location.

Order Edits, Changes, Cancellations & Modifications

We cannot change the fulfillment method, split orders, add a discount code or gift message, or deliver your package to a different address than what's entered after your order has been placed. Gift messages cannot be added after checkout. Discount codes cannot be applied retroactively.

Please pay close attention to all of the fields and details when placing your order. Orders cannot be canceled after checkout. Payment methods cannot be changed.

Gift Cards

E-gift cards are sent to the email address used at checkout. They are fulfilled instantly. No physical object is available or sent. We do not have physical gift cards available. E-gift cards can be used online and in-store.

Candle Refills

We offer candle refills. Learn more about our candle refill program, blackout periods, and instructions.


We are doing extremely limited pop-ups at this time while we focus on growing our Wholesale business, private label candles, and corporate gifts.

Candle Making Events

We do not offer candlemaking events, candlemaking classes, or on-site candle pouring at this time.

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Contact Us

We receive HUNDREDS of unsolicited sales pitches via the contact form. Please respect our time and do not use the contact form to cold pitch us. 

We do not offer free products to anyone for any reason. Yes, we know that you saw a video on TikTok about brands giving things away for a bachelorette party.

If you do not like our Abortion is Healthcare candle and are using the form to send us hateful messages, please note that we will use your note as content on social media, which will drive sales, so thank you 🥰