Wholesale Candles // Become an Effing Candle Co. Stockist

Want to carry Effing Candle Co. in your boutique? Great! You can shop on Faire the same way you'd order on our website. Our wholesale page on Faire will outline order minimums and lead times. We highly recommend signing up for Faire Insider to get free shipping on your wholesale orders; candles are heavy and shipping adds up quickly. You can preserve your margins by getting free shipping. 

5 things you need to wholesale our candles

1- A reseller's certificate. We reserve the right to refuse wholesale orders for any reason and, if we find that you have abused our wholesale program for personal use or misuse of our wholesale pricing, you will be immediately and permanently banned from ordering. 

2- Shelf space at face level. The closer a candle is to someone's face, the more likely they are to sniff it. Candles will absolutely not sell if they're tucked away on a bottom shelf or buried in your shop. 

3- Signage (which we are happy to provide.) Our candles are made with luxury-grade materials and people will have questions about why they're so expensive, what they're made with, who makes them, where they're made, etc. 

4- Knowledgeable employees who are eager to learn about candle basics. We are happy to provide one-pagers, video trainings, and follow-up calls to ensure that our candles are moving off the shelves as quickly as possible. Things that they should know: different types of wax, the different types of wicks, the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils, how essential oils are made, and basic candle terminology. 

5- The right SKU at the right time. Candle lovers LOVE candles all year, but for some folks, candles are a seasonal item. Getting the right fragrance in front of someone's nose at the right moment can make or break a sale. We're happy to share data and insights about what sells when. 

Need a discover kit or samples to know that our candles are truly excellent? Reach out to our team; we're happy to provide complimentary samples for potential stockists.