Effing Candle Co. Rewards Program

It's like a coffee punch card, but better. When you sign up for our rewards program, you'll earn points for signing up, celebrating a birthday, following us on Twitter, and orders (one point per $1 spent.)

Effing Candle Co. Rewards Program for candle lovers

Now onto the good stuff: the rewards. Whether you're after a dollar amount off your order ($5 or $10) or free shipping ($5.99 value), there's a reward for you! To use your rewards, redeem them and you'll get a coupon code to use in your cart at checkout. If you're a frequent shopping and have a lot of points adding up, I recommend using a little bit with each purchase. 

Best candle rewards program Effing Candle Co.


Last, but not least, referrals! You love us so much that you want everyone to try the best candles you've ever burned, which is amazing! We are SO grateful for your referrals. Here's a quick little gif explainer on how to use your referral link, which gives your friend $5 off their purchase and $5 to you if they purchase using your referral link. It's a win-win for everyone! 

Thanks for all your support and helping Effing Candle Co. grow.