Candle Refills

1/28/23 UPDATE: We love refilling your vessels and, after a few months of testing and learning, need to streamline the process. Some changes:  

  • Refills will be poured the first Monday of each month. You may drop off vessels at any time, but they will not be poured until the first Monday of the month. This is to help our team spend less time swapping out fragrances, pitchers, and creating weird amounts of inventory from the excess mixtures
  • Refills are available for drop-off and pick-up only. The cost of shipping is prohibitive for our small business, and the vessels are often irreplaceable
  • You may bring in a container from another candlemaker, something you found while thrifting, or a jar that you'd like to reuse (salsa, jam, etc). If you have a question about a vessel, please bring it into the studio so we can determine whether it's a safe container to use and if we have the proper wick(s) on hand to make you a truly great candle. Because we receive vessels that have not been burn tested by our team, we cannot guarantee a perfect burn from the candles if the vessel is not from Effing Candle Co.
  • You must bring the lid for your candle so your refill will stay free from dust and debris in the studio. If you don't have a lid or forgot yours, new lids can be purchased for $1.50 at the time of drop-off 
  • The cost of a refill is $2.75/oz and refills are not eligible for discounts or promotions. Refills will be paid for at the time of drop-off  
  • Orders that have not been picked up for more than 3 months will be discarded or donated 
  • Your candle container must be completely cleaned out and ready to be refilled. Uncleaned vessels will incur a $5 cleaning fee
  • To clean out your vessel, simply boil a kettle of water and pour the hot water over the remaining wax. It will soften and float to the top of the jar because wax weighs less than water. Scoop the wax out of the jar, pour out the water, and wipe the jar interior with a paper towel. Boom. You're done! 
  • We reserve the right to refuse any container for any reason
  • Fragrances are limited to our on-hand inventory

Questions? Send a message.