Thanks for your interest in working for Effing Candle Co. All job postings will be listed here, along with the application requirements.

We value:

Kindness, curiosity, compassion, curiosity, personal responsibility, self-awareness, punctuality, accountability, the desire to solve problems, and a positive attitude. We provide an exceptional product at an affordable price and our customers are incredibly loyal. 

We value relationships over transactions. We assume good intent. We value questions over assumptions. We are here to help, surprise, and delight. There is a method to all of the madness, control to the chaos, and a thoughtful data-informed strategy that fuels our success. We are self-funded, which means that we don't have to answer to investors. It almost means that everything we've built comes from our personal funds and we only want to work alongside people who will respect of our space, materials, and products. Most importantly, you want to bring good vibes into our space.

This is not a hobby, it's a multi-six-figure business. 

Things to note before you apply:

  • We are an operations-focused and detail-oriented team. Running an efficient and process-oriented day-to-day all year ensures that the business can thrive in our busiest months. We are always working with Q4 in mind. 
  • We work QUICKLY. There is a sense of urgency in everything we do.
  • We are problem solvers and innovators, not complainers.
  • We know when something can be "good enough" and when it needs to be perfect.
  • We pay a minimum of $16/hour and offer benefits for full-time employees.
  • Mistakes will be made and that's okay - everything is figureoutable
  • While most organizations boast that employees are family, we're coworkers. We'd rather have healthy boundaries and work independently, together.
  • Fellow makers are welcome to apply, but please note that working for Effing Candle Co. does not guarantee collaborations, wholesale, or pop-ups. 
  • We are scrappy and we make do with what we have and we find cost-effective solutions for everyday problems.
  • We do a lot of repetitive tasks
  • You will be working in an environment that is fragrant.
  • You will be on your feet a lot. 
  • No tasks are below anyone. You will find our founder steam mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, and taking out the trash while running the business. 
  • There may be slower months due to the seasonality of our business. We do not get lazy during those months, those are our only opportunity to plan for and get ahead of the demands of Q4.

While we appreciate your enthusiasm to work with us, please don't make it weird and apply without a job description, call/email/ping on social media, or show up to the studio to chat about working together. If we work together, we will be respectful of your time and boundaries and we expect the same treatment before, during, and after employment.