Candle Education

Commonly used candle terms you may not know! 

cold throw: how much fragrance a candle emits when it's not lit. 

hot throw: how much fragrance a candle emits when lit. 

burn time: how many hours a candle is expected to burn.

burn test: a controlled test in which a candle is lit for four (4) hours at a time. The number of four-hour burn cycles is recorded to determine how long a finished candle will burn for. Burn tests also ensure that the fragrance is appropriate for the candle and does not result in tunneling. 

tunneling: when a candle burns downward instead of having the wax pool all the way to the edges of the vessel. Tunneling happens because wax has a memory and always needs to burn long enough to pool to the edges of a vessel. 

fragrance load: the percent of fragrance added to wax to make a candle. The higher the fragrance load, the stronger the scent. At Effing Candle Co. we use coco apricot creme wax, which can hold up to 12% of fragrance. Standard waxes can hold up to 10%. Most candles have 6%-8% fragrance load. Our candles typically range from 10%-12% fragrance load, giving you a candle that can fill a room with fragrance.