What is the candle used at Anthropologie? (And why ours is better!)

If you've ever set foot in an Anthropologie store, you'll notice that the store has a signature scent. While there may be several candles burning at Anthropologie, their most popular candle is Capri Blue's Volcano scent, which is a juicy, fruity tropical scent. 

I used to work at Anthro and, during my time there, burned hundreds (literally) of the Capri Blue Volcano scent. Don't get me wrong - it's nice. But over the years, the quality changed and it's not the It Girl it used to be, imo. While the mercury glass vessel is nice, its shape does not lend itself to a smooth, even burn. Every time I've purchased a Volcano candle, I've been left with a lot of wax clinging to the sides of the vessel. In my opinion, the wick they use is too small. The opening of the vessel is much more narrow than the base of the container, and it never gave me a truly great burn.

Our newest scent, Sundress Season, is our take on a fruity, juicy, tropical scent (sans coconut) and everyone is LOVING this scent. It smells like sweet grapefruit, blood orange, melon, oakmoss, and sandalwood. It's fruity and juicy without being overly sweet. It's a 10/10 in our book. Plus, it has a crackling wooden wick that will give you cozy vibes, even in the warmer months. People love our crackling wooden wicks because they sound like a tiny fireplace. Our burns clean and even from start to finish. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8" so the flame stays tame. If your candle flame is larger than 1/2" the wick is too long! 

Sundress Season is a seasonal scent that will be available from March - August (or until it sells out!) and available in our limited-edition iridescent pink vessels that you can reuse, upcycle, or refill in our shop (at home, microwavable candle refills are coming soon!) 

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