Kansas City Holiday Shop Local Gift Guide | Birdie's Favorite Things

Bezos boutique has enough of your money, it's time to shop local this holiday season! Here are some of my favorite gifts to grab around Kansas City: 

1- Wine from KC Wineworks. KC Wineworks holds a special place in my heart because they were our home away from home last year. We did so many pop-ups with them and they were so kind and generous with their space. Without them, we may not have been able to move into our maker/retail space this year. 

What to grab: A case of wine. Seriously. You are going to go to so many gatherings this season. We're all making up for lost time after spending the past couple of years foregoing festivities for the sake of public health. It's time to raise a glass with family and friends. 

2- Sriracha pickled green beans from KC Canning Co. Do you like spicy things? Great! These are hella spicy and briney and all around effing delicious. I bought a jar at a pop-up and I ate the whole thing in less than 48 hours. Did I give myself heartburn? Yes. Would I do it again? Also yes. If you're not into spicy stuff, the onion jam is my favorite thing to put on sandwiches.

3- Lost and Found Design stained glass art. It's not your Aunt Betty's stained glass. These pieces are SO COOL and unique. The iridescent glass is gorgeous. If you're a plant person, the plant accessories are *chef's kiss* 

4- One of everything from Mid Coast Modern, especially the bath and body products made in-house. I'm a bath bomb girlie and theirs are awesome. Support a gift shop that supports small makers! 

5- Gift cards to restaurants. The winter months are really hard on restaurants/bars/cafes. Sales slow down or come to a screeching halt as holiday festivities end and inclimate weather keeps people indoors. Give 'em a little cash flow to get through the winter months and pre-pay for some date nights. Some of my absolute favorite places for date night or to eat/drink/people watch around KC: 

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