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Kansas City Candles

I've lived in a lot of places over the last 37 years and nowhere - I mean NOWHERE - has the same hometown pride as Kansas City. If you live in Kansas City, you LOVE Kansas City, which is pretty sweet. 

Our candle line is hand-poured with love in Kansas City, MO. Local pickups for our wooden wick candles takes place at a private residence in Midtown, Kansas City. We're offering free contactless pickup with any candle order. When you place your order, choose local pickup. When your orders is placed, we'll package up your candles and put them in a shopping bag, which will be left on the porch. You can pick up any time after you receive the pickup notification. 

Easy peasy! Thank you so much for shopping local and keeping your funds in Kansas City. We know you could shop anywhere. We do a little happy dance every time we see an order come through. 


your friendly local Kansas City candle maker 

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