How to prevent candles from melting in transit

FAQ: It's getting hot out. Will my candles melt in transit?

A: it's possible, but prob not. The melt temp of our wax is 130°f. Glass helps insulate the candle, making it less likely to melt while it's on its way to you. Last summer we had 2 packages melt in transit - one sat outside in Phoenix on a 112 degree day and the other was a single travel candle that was shipped in a bubble mailer and sat in a mailbox for a couple of days.

If you are worried about candles melting in transit:

-Order on Sunday or Monday so that your order spends the least amount of time in transit. We ship via USPS Parcel Ground service, which is 3-4 business days. Ordering on Sunday or Monday means that your order should arrive by Friday and not spend a whole weekend in a postal facility.

-Have your order delivered to an air conditioned location so it's not sitting in the sun on your porch waiting to be brought inside. Honestly - this is where things usually go wrong. Getting packages delivered to your porch in the summertime basically ensures that your candles are going to bake in the sun for hours and hours. Candles melt by design, so make good choices with your shipping location.

No one wants your order to arrive on time and in one piece more than we do! We spent the time and money buying materials, making the candles, packing your order, and paying for the shipping. If something goes wrong, let us know so we can make it right. 

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