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How to clean empty candle jars with hot water

Give old jars a new life with candle refills!

Candles add warmth and ambiance to any space, but what happens when the wax is all burned out, and you're left with an empty jar? Instead of tossing it away, why not give it a new life with a candle refill kit? Cleaning out old candle jars is a simple and eco-friendly way to repurpose these beautiful containers. In this guide, we'll explore an effortless method to clean out old candle jars using hot water, allowing you to transform them into stylish storage containers or charming decor pieces for your home.

Step 1: Remove Excess Wax

Before you begin the cleaning process, ensure that the candle has cooled completely. Use a butter knife or spoon to gently pry out any remaining wax from the jar. We do NOT recommend putting your candle jar in the freezer to help remove wax - the sudden temperature change will compromise the integrity of the glass.

Step 2: Boil Water

Fill a kettle or pot with water and bring it to a boil. 

Step 3: Pour Hot Water into the Jar

Carefully pour the hot water into the empty candle jar, ensuring that it covers the entire interior surface. Be cautious not to fill the jar to the brim to avoid potential splashing or cracking due to sudden temperature changes.

Step 4: Let it Sit

Allow the hot water to sit in the jar for 10-15 minutes. The heat will soften any remaining wax residue, making it easier to remove. Wax weighs less than water and the remaining wax will start to float to the surface.

Step 5: Remove Wax and Residue

After letting the jar sit, use a paper towel, cloth, or old sponge to wipe away the softened wax and residue. You may need to repeat this step a few times until the jar is completely clean.

Step 6: Wash and Dry

Once you've removed all the wax, wash the jar with warm, soapy water to remove any remaining residue. Rinse thoroughly and dry the jar with a clean towel. Water will contaminate candle wax, so your jar MUST be completely dry before pouring a new candle into the jar. 

Step 7: Enjoy Your Clean Candle Jar

Congratulations! You've successfully cleaned out your old candle jar using hot water. Now you can easily refill the jar using our candle refill kits

Conclusion: Cleaning out old candle jars with hot water is a simple and effective way to give them a new lease on life. By repurposing these jars, you're not only reducing waste but also adding unique touches to your home decor. So the next time you burn through a candle, don't toss the jar away; refill it! 

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