Earth Day Reflections

🌎 Day has us thinking about some of the choices we made when selecting materials for Gifts By Birdie.
We choose coconut apricot creme wax because it burns clean, smooth, and slow so you get more bang for your buck. Longer burn times = fewer candles purchased over your lifetime. It's also biodegradable and vegan.
Our fragrances are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. We use a high fragrance load to give you the maximum amount of fragrance without it being overpowering. The wax gives a medium cold throw and a high hot throw.
The wooden wicks are sourced sustainably.
We purposely chose not to use a box to package our candles in because the boxes might be pretty, but it's ultimately going to be discarded. Instead, we use bamboo lids, making your candle jar super reusable.
When we're making candles at home in the studio, leftover wick pieces are composted (we love @compostcollectivekc)!
Our packing materials are paper-based (we avoid bubble wrap and if you ever get some, it's because we're upcycling materials we received!)
2% of our sales go to charity. Through Daily Karma we donate to @kcpetproject and @harvesters
Last, but not least, we're launching a KC local REFILL PROGRAM! We'll be launching details in May.
We hope you feel great when you support a local business that cares about Mother Earth. We only get one shot to treat her well ❤️

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