Common Candle Scents

Every candle brand wants to think that they have the best smelling candles and we'd like to think so, too. When it comes to judging if something smells good, only you can decide, but there are common candle scents that show up across many candle brands. 

Common candle scents

  • Vanilla, but she's not boring. There are so many different kinds of vanilla fragrances - sheer vanilla that smells like vanilla bean, but isn't sweet. We love sheer vanilla. If you love a sweet vanilla candle (or gourmand vanilla if you're fancy), we make that, too. 
  • Sandalwood, and she's sophisticated. Sandalwood has a deep, creamy sweetness with warm undertones of amber, leather and wood. It's often added to elevate a fragrance. It's complex and it smells expensive and chic, like the lobby of your favorite luxe hotel. Many of our candles contain a sandalwood note.
  • Lemon, because she smells clean. Citrus scents, especially lemon, can help uplift your mood, help increase focus, and we've all smelled lemon in cleaning products our whole lives, so we naturally associate them with cleanliness. Lemon scented candles need to be balanced so they don't smell too much like a cleaning solution and we'd like to think that we nailed this common candle scent.

Common candle scents are super lovable for a reason, and every candle brand has their own spin on classic candle scents, so sniff with an open mind! 

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