Coming Soon: Effing Candle Co.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are coming soon! We've been working on a lot behind the scents - our regularly-scheduled programming and pop-ups, holiday planning, and *drumroll* a REBRAND! Gifts By Birdie will become Effing Candle Co. soon-ish. As with all change, it happens in stages, slowly, and then all at once. Right now we're in the awkward "stages" phase, but the light at the end of the tunnel is lit by a wooden wick candle and we can see it. 

Effing Candle Co. hand poured wooden wick candles made in Kansas City

When I started Gifts By Birdie, I thought I wanted to be in the boho-chic candle space, but after a few months, I let my personality out a bit with the Sexy Stoner candle, then the Josh Hawley Sucks candle, and then the Ted Cruz candle. Over time, the more Me I am with You, the more You seem to resonate with Me. And, those who aren't into the new vibe have and will slough off and find any one of a million other candles out there. If you're offended by a "Josh Hawley Sucks" candle we wouldn't be friends IRL. No love lost there. 

So, what's next?

Well, we're selling through our remaining Gifts By Birdie inventory in the ceramic jars. We're switching packaging with the rebrand, moving from ceramic jars to glass jars. If you're into the real down and dirty behind-the-scents content it's because the supply chain is kind of borked right now and the ceramic jars are available from only one distributor, which is super dangerous for a small biz because if they're out of stock, we can't find them anywhere and we can't make candles. We want to offer a consistent product you can count on 24/7/365 and new containers will help us do that - if the new jars are out of stock in one place, we can find them from 10 other distributors. 

We're still popping up around town as Gifts By Birdie for the next couple of months. So, if you're really attached to the Gifts By Birdie look and feel and want to stock up for the holidays, come see us! 

Fragrances are remaining the same. We're transitioning 19 scents to Effing Candle Co. The names will change, and we'll create a handy chart that outlines what it was and what the new name is to make it easy to shop your favs. 

Wholesale will be available. At our current Cost of Goods with Gifts By Birdie, we're only able to sell direct-to-consumer, which makes it hard to scale. We know you want to sniff our candles in stores and at pop-ups before you buy them and we hear you loud and clear! We want it, too! 

At some point, the website URL will change (but we'll have a redirect in place for Gifts By Birdie to and the website will be redesigned/optimized. 

It all feels exciting (and maybe a little bit scary!) but we're excited! 

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