Candle Pricing Transparency

✨Pricing Transparency✨

Not sure why so many people have been using our "Contact Us" page just to tell us that our candles are overpriced when they could be doing literally anything else with their time, but here we are. We wanted to break down what goes into your purchase.

We have a friction-free direct-to-consumer model. We know buying a home fragrance online is a tricky and we've always wanted to make it as easy as possible, which is why we don't have an outrageous $75+ minimum to get free shipping or charge you $78 for a single candle. 

Instead, we provide discounts when you purchase more than one candle to hopefully incentivize you to purchase more than one, which helps our average order value and ensures we can continue to grow and scale the business. This helps you try out something new without feeling the risk of buying something you don't like (though we have yet to have someone email us saying they straight up hated their candle) with a pretty low-risk purchase. 

But, people still have a lot of opinions. So, here's what goes into your purchase. 
When you buy a single candle, we pay: 

  • $1.18 to $1.50 in processing fees (paypal takes a bigger cut but it increases conversions because it's a single-click checkout)
  • $.68 is donated to our charitable partners with our 2% back model (which will be changing in March)
  • $1.75 on packing materials, care cards, and the little extras like matches, candy, etc. 
  • $8 to $11 in shipping for a single candle because it weighs more than 1lb. We know you're used to Amazon Prime shipping speeds so we ship using USPS Priority Mail, which often gets your candles to you in 24 hours if you're local to Kansas City. 

Total = $13.93 

This does not include materials or the time we spend lovingly crafting your purchase.

This brings our potential "profit" to $20.07, but wait! There's more! There's the cost of luxury wax (which costs 30% more than soy wax, so please stop comparing the cost of our candles to the cost of your soy wax candles), wicks, fragrance, labels, monthly website hosting, advertising, booth costs for pop-ups, TAXES, what we pay for professional services, like photography, graphic design, etc.

So, if you're someone who is thinking about writing in to tell us our candles are overpriced, please get an effing life 😘 

With love,


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