Are candle warmers better than burning? (Spoiler: why we LOVE candle warmer lamps!)

We get this questions a lot - "Are candles warmers better than burning?" and, as a candle snob and candle maker, I'm here to say that I LOVE candle warmers. 

What is a candle warmer?

Candle warmers are cute and stylish table-top lamps with a bulb that gets warm. They have a timer, and allow you to enjoy your candles without any flames. It's perfect for people who can't burn candles in their office, dorm, or apartment, or are too forgetful to be trusted with flames in their home (you know who you are!) 

When should you use a candle warmer lamp? 

Candle warmer lamps can be used any time you want fragrance without the flame. We love using candle warmers during the summer months when ceiling fans are going and air conditioners are blasting because the drafts make for unsafe burning conditions (a dancing flame is a dangerous flame is one of my mantras). Not to mention all the drafts will create a lot of soot on your candle. 

Are candle warmer lamps ugly? 

NO! They come in so many styles there's sure to match your aesthetic

This modern, sleek, minimalist candle warmer one comes in white and black

This one looks like elegant crystal

This one has a fun industrial chic vibe

Are candle warmers better than burning? If you're looking to extend the lifespan of your candles, yes, 100%, absolutely. If you can't be trusted with flames because you forget to blow them out, then candle warmers are ABSOLUTELY for you. If you feel bad throwing away the last bits of a candle because it won't burn any farther down the jar? Candle warmer! If it's drafty in your home. CANDLE WARMER!

The only time I wouldn't suggest a candle warmer is if you LOVE the sound of the wooden wick crackle. 


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