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5 Reasons We Love Wax Melts

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are a flameless way to make your home smell amazing. Wax melts are  cubes of scented wax that you put in a wax melt warmer. The wax melt warmer will have a heat element in it and the heat element will melt the wax. When the wax melts liquefy, fragrance is emitted - just like a candle! 

Here are 5 reasons we LOVE wax melts

1- Wax melts are super affordable. A 3oz box of wax melts from our sister brand, themelty.co is $15 and provides approximately 150 hours of fragrance. A 7oz candle will burn for approximately 50 hours when properly cared for. If you're on a budget, wax melts are a great home fragrance alternative to candles. 

2- Wax melts are flameless. If you've ever forgotten to blow out a candle before bed or left a candle burning all day while you were at work, you might consider switching to wax melts so you don't...you know...burn down your house. My favorite wax warmer is from a competitor (no shade, their warmer is awesome) and has a 3-6-9 hour timer and a silicone cup for easy cleanup. 

3- Many apartments and dorms have a "No Candle" policy and many renters' insurance policies exclude candles coverage (check with your insurance carrier if you have questions or concerns), but wax melts are a-okay. 

4- Our wax melt packaging is easy to compost and recycle. Our wax melts are made in eco-friendly packaging. The boxes are curbside recyclable. If you remove the fragrance sticker, the boxes are compostable. The inner sleeves are compostable, as well. Even the adhesive used on the stickers is non-toxic and recyclable. 

5- Our wax melts are SO fragrant. I know we've all bought the $3 wax melts from a store that rhymes with Schmarget. They're fragrant for about 2 minutes and that's it. With our wax melts, you break off two small pieces, pop them in your wax warmer, and they stay fragrant for DAYS. 

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