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Travel Candle - Festive AF | Notes: Orange Rind, Clove, and Ginger Scented Wooden Wick Candle

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Indulgent like a spicy hot toddy on a chilly day and will transport you to a cabin in the woods in front of a fireplace. Warm, comforting notes of orange rind, clove, and ginger.

Spicy, sweet, and perfect for the holiday season. This candle has a strong cold throw (how much fragrance a candle emits when unlit) and a strong hot throw (how much fragrance a candle emits when lit). 

Fragrance Notes:

  • TOP:¬†Orange Rind, Neroli, Jasmine
  • MIDDLE:¬†Velvet Plum, Rosehip, Madagascar Clove
  • BASE:¬†Gunmetal, Tonka Bean, Zesty Ginger