Josh Hawley Sucks 7oz wooden wick candle smells like orange sorbet and sweet cream. The best candles in Kansas City.

Josh Hawley Sucks | Notes: Orange Sorbet & Sweet Cream Wooden Wick Candle

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Josh Hawley sucks but this orange cream popsicle scent doesn't. Rich and creamy vanilla mixed with uplifting orange in this mouthwatering summertime popsicle scent. 

Made with:

  • Slow-burning vegan coco apricot crème wax
  • Phthalate-free, cruelty-free fragrances
  • Crackling wooden wicks that burn clean and sound like a tiny fireplace when lit
  • Love in Kansas City ♥️ 

Candle Care:

When you first burn your candle, plan to let it melt for 2-3 hours or until the wax has pooled all the way to the sides of the vessel. Always burn your candle on a heat-safe surface. Keep your wooden wick trimmed to .25" for safe burning and maximum crackling. Keep candles away from children and beloved pets. 

Burn Time:

  • 7oz candles burn for approximately 50 hours

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